SMART MARKET STRUCTURE CONCEPTS – SETTING INSTRUCTIONS(English) – Buying and selling Programs – 8 June 2023

On the indicator web page, click on the “Free Demo” button to obtain a free trial model to your MT4/MT5 software program. After downloading, beneath the Indicators listing on the left navigation bar of your MT4/MT5 software program, you possibly can see that the symptoms have been downloaded to the Market subdirectory, and all indicators downloaded by the MQL market will seem right here.


If it’s the MT4 model, double-click the indicator identify immediately, within the pop-up window, click on the Check button, and you will notice the MT4 Tester window. Right here, you possibly can select the image of the take a look at and the cycle of the take a look at. Click on Indicator properties to open the indicator setting window and set numerous parameters of the indicator. After setting the indicator parameters, click on the Begin button to start out the take a look at.


After the take a look at program begins operating, we will click on Pause and regulate the chart settings to learn the chart higher. Proper-click -> Properties, regulate the parameters you want, OK, click on to proceed testing. Within the MT4 take a look at program, Time Zone Panel and MTF Dashboard can not work usually.

If it’s the MT5 model, click on on the identify of the indicator, right-click, and choose Check within the pop-up window, and you will notice the Technique Tester window of the MT5 software program. Click on Inputs to open the setting web page of the indicator, and set numerous parameters of the indicator. After setting the indicator parameters, click on the Begin button to start out the take a look at.

The MT5 software program will open a separate take a look at window. You possibly can click on the menu bar –>Charts–>Properties to open the take a look at chart property window to switch the chart property parameters for higher studying of the chart. It’s endorsed that customers choose the Scheme attribute as Black on White beneath the Colours column.

If you wish to regulate the indicator parameters after which test the impact, you could first cease the take a look at program, then set the brand new parameters, after which begin the take a look at once more. Within the MT5 take a look at program, Time Zone Panel and MTF Dashboard can be found.


1.     Basic Settings

The primary setting merchandise has three choices. Historic, Current, and Knowledge. By default, historic is chosen, and the indicator can be calculated and displayed in historic knowledge. If Current is chosen, the indicator is simply calculated and displayed in real-time knowledge. The Knowledge choice is used internally by this system, and the person doesn’t want to concentrate to it.

The second setting specifies the variety of historic candles to be calculated for this system, and the default is 2000. If it’s good to observe extra historic knowledge, set this worth larger, however on the identical time the indicator loading pace can be slower.

2.     Inside Construction and Swing Construction

The market construction is usually divided into the primary construction and the secondary construction. The primary construction marks value fluctuations and structural breakthroughs in a bigger interval, and the secondary construction marks value fluctuations and structural breakthroughs in a smaller interval.

Let’s check out this market construction chart. The white line reveals the secondary construction, that’s, the breakthrough of excessive and low factors fashioned by small cycle value fluctuations, which is outlined as inside construction within the indicator. The crimson line reveals the primary construction, that’s, the breakthrough of excessive and low factors fashioned by large-cycle value fluctuations, which is outlined as swing construction within the indicator.

Within the setting interface, the worth of maxbars for discover inside construction determines the variety of candles wanted to substantiate the excessive and low factors of the small interval. The default is 4, which signifies that not less than 4 candles are required to substantiate the excessive or low level of a secondary construction. You possibly can set this worth your self in response to your personal expertise or the volatility traits of the buying and selling selection.

The worth of maxbars for discover swing construction determines the variety of candles wanted to find out the excessive and low factors of the primary construction. The default is 50, which signifies that 50 candles are wanted to substantiate the excessive or low level of a giant interval. Once more, you possibly can set this worth in response to your wants. If ALGO2 is chosen for the “Choose Swing Structrue Algorithm”, it is strongly recommended to set the worth of maxbars to be smaller, resembling between 20-30.

Choose Inside/Swing Structrue Algorithm to pick out the algorithm for the market construction. This program gives two algorithms, and customers can select one in every of them in response to their preferences. The distinction between the 2 algorithms is proven within the following two figures.




Within the settings of inside construction and swing construction, there are two essential settings, inside construction break sort and swing construction break sort. On the micro degree, there are primarily three conditions through which the value breaks via the construction, all of which could be counted as efficient breakthroughs. Launched within the SMC profile obtainable on the indicator’s major web page. The article primarily introduces three conditions: the shadow line breaks via, the shadow line breaks via the shadow line, the entity breaks via the entity, and the entity breaks via.


The indicator additionally gives three kinds of breakthroughs for choice, shadow line breakthrough, entity breakthrough and double candlestick breakthrough. This system makes use of entity breakthrough by default, and customers can select the kind of breakthrough they want.

The remaining settings are mainly show settings, and customers can set them in response to their preferences.

For instance, we will set to not show the inner construction in any respect, solely to show the swing construction, or set to solely show the inner construction however not the swing construction.

Or set to show solely a sure sort of market construction, bullish BOS/CHOCH , bearish BOS/CHoCH .

For skilled merchants, they could not need to see too many labels, so the indicator gives a swap to show labels. You may as well flip off all tags or select to solely show tags of a sure sort that you’re notably involved about.

The present swing factors setting activates and off the show of enormous cycle excessive and low factors ( HH LL HL LH ). The Present robust/weak excessive/low setting activates the show of the current excessive/low factors of the primary construction, marked with two traces extending to the present candle, and the excessive and low factors per the large-cycle value pattern are marked as robust excessive/low. In any other case, mark it as weak excessive/low.

Lastly, I wish to add that within the inside construction setting, the Tiny inside Structrue filter setting is used to filter out the market construction fashioned by small fluctuations in small intervals.


3.     Fractal Factors and Order Blocks

Beneath we introduce the 2 features of Fractal and OB.


Fractal Factors:

It primarily gives customers with the perform of displaying zigzag traces and fractal factors, and may set the time interval for zigzag and fractal individually.

Right here fractal Factors is that this system finds the excessive and low factors of value fluctuations in a given interval in response to the algorithm, after which marks them with a dot. Often, there are restrict orders and cease loss orders close to the earlier excessive/low of the value, which is the so-called liquidity, which is the main target of many merchants.

Zigzag makes use of phase line to attach these excessive and low factors, in order that merchants have a clearer and extra intuitive perspective on value fluctuations, and may keep away from the interference of some smaller periodic fluctuations.

The primary setting merchandise is to activate and off the show of zigzag, the second setting merchandise is to activate and off the show of fractal factors, and the third setting merchandise is to specify the interval for this system to calculate the excessive and low factors, which is the variety of candles required to substantiate the excessive and low factors. The default is 4, whether it is modified to six, and the Timeframe of the present chart is day by day, it signifies that this system will mark the excessive and low factors beneath the one-week fluctuation interval for you.

Beneath are the formatting for the zigzag, and the formatting for the fractal factors.


Order Blocks:

Earlier than introducing the OB settings, we have to briefly introduce the order movement technique. Right here I like to recommend everybody to learn the SMC article I shared on the indicator web page, which incorporates an introduction to the chapter on order movement technique.

In the beginning of the article, it said that the order movement buying and selling technique appears to be the other of the concept of pattern buying and selling. Development merchants are eager on buying and selling value breakthroughs and promoting at larger costs. For the order movement technique, value breakthroughs or structural breakthroughs are solely used to help in estimating the course, and the entry place is to attend for the value to return to the wholesale value, that’s, to purchase close to the OB, after which promote on the retail value after the value rises , that’s, anticipate the value to rise to the earlier excessive or promote after breaking via the earlier excessive.

Have a look at the definition of OB once more:

An order block (OB) refers back to the final bearish candlestick earlier than a robust upward breakout of a construction or the final bullish candlestick earlier than a major downward breakout of a construction in any time interval.

That’s, every time there’s a legitimate structural break, an OB is fashioned, a bullish construction break types a bullish OB, and a bearish construction break types a bearish OB.

Check out the next photos:


Let’s check out the trigger or precept of OB, and the function of OB. Consult with the SMC article I shared:

Causes and Results:

As for the causes, I do not know the particular reality, however the order movement idea can clarify it, so for now, let’s assume that it’s true, as a result of nobody can perceive all of the market truths.

The secret is the way you view the market, what sort of market outlook you’ve gotten, and how you can commerce primarily based in your market viewpoint.

With a view to go lengthy, somebody has to go brief, and with a view to go brief, somebody has to go lengthy. Solely when there’s a purchaser and a vendor can a transaction be accomplished. If there’s a lack of purchase orders when shorting, the market value will fall to seek out consumers. Conversely, the market value will rise to seek out sellers. (Please discuss with Daemon Goldsmith’s “Order Stream Buying and selling” for extra info.)

Giant establishments primarily commerce utilizing algorithms, and even when their massive orders are break up, they’ll nonetheless have a major impression available on the market value. They normally full value supply every day or match orders through the intervals of the best liquidity.

To make sure that the orders are efficiently executed, and to cut back the adversarial results of orders on market costs and slippage prices, establishments will use the “promote to purchase” or “purchase to promote” methodology of buying and selling at crucial positions.

That’s, first pushing down the value by promoting to interrupt via the help of the earlier low, after which matching the small breakout promote orders and purchase stop-loss orders (i.e., market promote orders) of retail buyers with the massive purchase orders of establishments (the primary our bodies of the finished transactions are the establishments’ personal promote orders).

After the value rises, the establishments’ promote orders are trapped as prices. If it’s a retail investor, they could should cease loss. Nevertheless, with plentiful property, establishments can get better prices by promoting to make a revenue (conventional technical evaluation refers to this habits as testing or pullback affirmation).

If the establishment’s orders haven’t been fully crammed, they may use the order movement of the recovered prices to commerce close to the preliminary price value. These behaviors are mirrored on the chart as a affirmation of a value reversal, which opens a brand new pattern.

The establishment’s price accumulation space is the order block. Numerous order prices are stacked inside, which is an space that establishments will certainly shield.

Not all order blocks can be recovered shortly, and do not be too inflexible concerning the idea of order movement. Do not attempt to search certainty. The order movement technique is only a chance benefit. “


Let’s see for your self, his major precept is to research the precept of institutional Positions and discover the traces of institutional Positions. OB is the price space of institutional Positions, so our Place in the price space of the establishment is after all the place with the most effective successful charge.

Check out this image once more:

Within the order movement technique, it’s extra essential to guage the value pattern, so merchants decide the course in their very own large cycle or course cycle, and commerce in their very own small cycle or buying and selling cycle. Multi-period evaluation is essential in SMC buying and selling, not less than you want two intervals, one course interval and one transaction interval. Many individuals ask me what’s the greatest cycle alternative, however there is no such thing as a unified reply. For those who use the 5-minute chart because the buying and selling interval, then I feel your course interval is not less than 1 hour or 4 hours; if you happen to use the 15-minute chart because the buying and selling interval, then I feel your course interval is not less than 4 hours or extra. It is a mixture that I personally suppose is smart.

When the value fully crosses an OB, the OB is deleted.

Within the settings, we will set whether or not to show inside ob and swing ob, and the variety of current OBs that must be displayed. Customers may also set whether or not to show OB imply threshold and the way in which of OB show. There are two kinds of OB show strategies to select from. One is Show As Rectangles, which signifies that this system identifies the OB with an oblong block stuffed with coloration. The second sort is Show With Prime-Backside Traces, which signifies that this system will mark the excessive and low factors of the OB with two straight traces up and down. This selection is principally utilized by merchants who desire a extra concise OB show.


BULL bear ob various show, this setting allows the OBs on the higher and decrease sides of the present value to be displayed alternately in the latest order and meet the show amount restrict.


OB model settings, the place customers can freely set the colour of OB to fit your chart model, making the chart look extra concise and delightful. Prolong the ob/iob rectangles, this setting permits the OB block to robotically prolong to the far proper of the chart, if you happen to like this OB show, you possibly can set this to TURE. Beneath is the formatting for OB imply threshold line. You possibly can select stable or dashed traces and the colour of the traces in response to your preferences. Subsequent is the place to set the format of OB top-bottom traces, the format, coloration, width and whether or not to increase to the far proper of the chart.

Beneath is the place to set the format of the inner OB with quantity metrics. You possibly can flip this function on or off by setting Present Inside Order Blocks With Quantity Metrics. Right here we will select two quantity varieties, Tick Quantity and Actual Quantity. If we commerce foreign money pairs, there may be solely Tick Quantity knowledge.

This perform will calculate and show the sum of the transaction quantity within the structural breakthrough comparable to the OB, as a reference for the OB within the transaction quantity dimension. Right here, the inexperienced rectangular block is the statistics of the buying and selling quantity of the bullish candles, and the orange rectangular block is the statistics of the buying and selling quantity of the bearish candles. The rightmost tab reveals the sum of lengthy and brief volumes. Proportion is the ratio of this OB transaction quantity in contrast with different a number of OB transaction volumes.


For market construction and OB, indicators have good and detailed reminder features. On the very finish of the setting interface is the realm the place ALERT is about intensively. Right here you possibly can set alerts for the formation of every market construction. OB fashioned , OB touched , OB break may also set reminders. On the MT pc facet, a immediate window will pop up and a immediate tone can be performed. If you wish to ship these reminders to the cell terminal, you possibly can set it beneath Alerts to cell under. With a view to ship reminders to the MT4/5 software program on the cell phone, it’s good to carry out a easy configuration within the MT software program on the pc.


4.     Excessive Timeframe Construction

The HTF Construction perform primarily gives customers the market construction info of two totally different Timeframes concurrently displayed on the identical chart. So long as the primary merchandise is about to true and the second merchandise “Choose Excessive Timeframe” selects a interval bigger than the present TF, then the HTF perform will begin. At this level, the management buttons for HTF will seem within the decrease proper nook of the chart.

Clicking totally different buttons will show totally different info of HTF. The shortcut button features of HTF BigBar, HTF inside BOS, HTF inside CHoCH, HTF swing BOS, HTF swing CHoCH, HTF inside OB, HTF swing OB are supplied right here. HTF OB imply threshold, HTF Robust/Weak Excessive/Low, HTF Premium&Low cost Zone features must open the setting interface for setting.

The HTF Construction Type Settings space is the model property setting space for HTF performance. Customers can set it in response to their wants.


5.     MTF Buildings Dashboard

This perform will show BOS/CHoCH info of 4 totally different intervals in a single panel on the chart on the identical time, in order that customers can shortly perceive the market construction info of different intervals. Customers can set the 4 intervals they want within the settings, and may select to show solely inside buildings or swing buildings. Customers can select the show place of MTF Dashboard. This system gives 4 corners of the chart for choice, and the default is the decrease left nook of the chart.

If there is no such thing as a knowledge as proven within the determine above, please right-click on the chart and choose Refresh on the pop-up menu.


6.     Fibonacci Retracement/Fibo OTE

Within the order movement technique we talked about that pattern merchants are eager to commerce breakouts, whereas the order movement technique makes use of construction breakouts to estimate course and analyze institutional order blocks. Wait till the value pulls again to the low cost space or the order block space earlier than coming into the place. Subsequently, it’s a crucial perform for SMC merchants to make use of FIBO to mark a wave of value breakthroughs, and to foretell and mark the potential retraction vary of costs. The Fibonacci Retracement perform can robotically draw a wave of FIBO primarily based on break inside buildings and break swing buildings, and mark essential positions that merchants care about: Cease Loss(100%), OTE(70.5), 79%, 61.8%, First Revenue scaling(0%), Goal 1(-27%), Goal 2(-62%), Symmetrical Swing(-100%). You may as well set the callback vary in response to your personal wants. Stage 1-6 could be set freely.

Within the setting, the primary 4 setting objects are for setting FBR, as proven within the determine under. In line with the value pattern, FBR shows the utmost correction vary in actual time. When the correction vary exceeds 50%, will probably be displayed in a extra eye-catching coloration. You may as well set reminders for FBR within the Alerts space.

The next setting objects are for setting the Fibo Ranges for OTE perform. See under. For those who really feel that the excessive and low factors of Fibo Ranges robotically drawn by this system are incorrect, you possibly can drag and regulate by your self. If it’s good to show this Fibo Ranges on a regular basis and don’t desire this system to delete or modify it, then you possibly can double-click this Fibo Ranges to make it out of the management of this system.


7.     Breaker Blocks

The definition of Breaker is proven within the determine above. Breaker Blocks are bullish candles or bearish candles at level B. There are numerous value actions that fulfill the N-shaped form of ABCD, and what we hope is to seek out out the Breaker that seems when the value reverses on the finish of the pattern and the Breaker that happens when the value reverses on the finish of the callback. Subsequently, this system has made some judgments on pattern developments and callback developments, however they won’t be very correct. Customers want to make use of their very own expertise, or mix momentum indicators and overbought and oversold indicators to filter and use them.

As well as, the CD line is the value breakthrough level B (the low/excessive level of the callback). If the CD is a robust momentum breakthrough (mixed with FVG, Robust Imbalance, Quantity Imbalance, and so forth.), then the chance of success of this Breaker can be larger.

The primary setting is whether or not to allow Breaker Blocks (BB) detection and show. The second merchandise units the show sort of BB, and there are additionally two kinds of filling rectangle and higher and decrease traces for choice. The third merchandise is to set whether or not to show N-Traces, N-lines is the connecting line of three line segments AB, BC, CD, forming an N form. The fourth setting must show the most recent BB amount that has not been damaged by the value. The fifth setting is whether or not to show BB imply threshold. The next settings are mainly the settings of the looks model, and the person can set it in response to the wants.


8.     Provide&Demand Order Blocks

Earlier than utilizing the availability and demand order block perform, please learn the chapter “Construction-Primarily based Provide and Demand Buying and selling Technique” within the SMC article I shared. It incorporates an in depth introduction of what’s a provide and demand space (Institutional positions constructing space or determination space), how you can determine a provide and demand space, and the kind of a provide and demand space, and so forth. Merely put, provide and demand could be divided into two varieties: reversal construction and continuation construction. You possibly can select to show one or all of them within the indicator settings. The indicator additionally gives two show kinds of provide and demand OB, which customers can set in response to their preferences.

What’s the distinction between a provide and demand zone order block and an order block so as movement technique? In my private opinion, the theoretical foundation of the 2 is totally different. In contrast with the idea of provide and demand, the order block within the order movement technique could be thought to be a generalized provide and demand space, or the availability and demand space could be thought to be a chivalrous order block. As a result of the availability and demand zone within the provide and demand technique particularly refers back to the interval candles with spindle candle/doji as the primary shadow candle(the shadow candle are higher than 50%). However in apply, you’ll find that the availability and demand zone is considerably impractical – the value usually reverses on the massive bodily order block, slightly than the availability and demand zone (spindle/doji and so forth. interval candles). Subsequently, when the indicator calculates the availability and demand space, it doesn’t strictly observe the definition to seek out the interval candles as the availability and demand block. Customers can open OrderBlocks and Provide&Demand OBs on the identical time to view their similarities and variations, or select to make use of solely the order movement technique or solely the availability and demand technique primarily based on their very own buying and selling expertise.

9.     Robust Imbalance Labeling

10.     Honest Worth Gaps

11.     Liquidity Voids

12.     Quantity Imbalance

13.     Lengthy Wicks

14.     BSL/SSL Taken Detect

15.     EQH/EQL

16.     Premium/Low cost Zones

17.     Earlier Day/Week/Month-to-month Excessive/Low and Earlier Day Open/Shut

18.     Market Time Session

19.     NY Midnight Open

20.     Asian Vary(Asia Killzone), London Open Killzone, London Shut Killzone, New York Open Killzone, New York Shut Killzone

21.     NWOG/NDOW

22.     Candle Timer

23.     Draw Candles By Development